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Definition of Frolic


  1. Full of levity; dancing, playing, or frisking about; full of pranks; frolicsome; gay; merry.
  2. A wild prank; a flight of levity, or of gayety and mirth.
  3. A scene of gayety and mirth, as in lively play, or in dancing; a merrymaking.
  4. To play wild pranks; to play tricks of levity, mirth, and gayety; to indulge in frolicsome play; to sport.

Frolic Translations

frolic in Dutch is schalks, olijk, ondeugend, dartel
frolic in German is Scherz, scherzen
frolic in Italian is celia
frolic in Norwegian is munterhet, boltre seg
frolic in Spanish is retozo
frolic in Swedish is skoja, fest