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Definition of Frighten


  1. To disturb with fear; to throw into a state of alarm or fright; to affright; to terrify.

Frighten Quotations

I don't mind what Congress does, as long as they don't do it in the streets and frighten the horses.
Victor Hugo

You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you.
Eric Hoffer

The only use of an obstacle is to be overcome. All that an obstacle does with brave men is, not to frighten them, but to challenge them.
Woodrow Wilson

As a tactic, violence is absurd. No one can compete with the Government in violence, and the resort to violence, which will surely fail, will simply frighten and alienate some who can be reached, and will further encourage the ideologists and administrators of forceful repression.
Noam Chomsky

Death and genitals are things that frighten people, and when people are frightened, they develop means of concealment and aggression. It is common sense.
Noam Chomsky
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Frighten Translations

frighten in Dutch is doen schrikken, schrik aanjagen
frighten in French is effaroucher, effrayer, effrayons, effrayent
frighten in Latin is territo
frighten in Norwegian is skremme
frighten in Spanish is espantar, asustar

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