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Definition of Fright


  1. A state of terror excited by the sudden appearance of danger; sudden and violent fear, usually of short duration; a sudden alarm.
  2. Anything strange, ugly or shocking, producing a feeling of alarm or aversion.
  3. To alarm suddenly; to shock by causing sudden fear; to terrify; to scare.

Fright Quotations

I definitely get stage fright.
Bridgit Mendler

I can't remember that I ever had just a minute of stage fright.
Henry Rollins

In my opinion, the only way to conquer stage fright is to get up on stage and play. Every time you play another show, it gets better and better.
Taylor Swift

'Fright Night' I can just about deal with. Because the original is such a 1980s extravaganza. Which is a good thing. Obviously. But something like 'The Others' or anything psychological: I'm no good with that. I don't like it when there's space for me to use my imagination.
Imogen Poots

I love readings and my readers, but the din of voices of the audience gives me stage fright, and the din of voices inside whisper that I am a fraud, and that the jig is up. Surely someone will rise up from the audience and say out loud that not only am I not funny and helpful, but I'm annoying, and a phony.
Anne Lamott
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Fright Translations

fright in Danish is angst
fright in Dutch is angst
fright in German is Schrecken, Schreck
fright in Italian is spaventi, spavento, paura
fright in Norwegian is skrekk
fright in Spanish is espanto, miedoso, susto

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