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Definition of Fragility


  1. The condition or quality of being fragile; brittleness; frangibility.
  2. Weakness; feebleness.
  3. Liability to error and sin; frailty.

Fragility Quotations

Respect for the fragility and importance of an individual life is still the mark of an educated man.
Norman Cousins

Globalization has created this interlocking fragility. At no time in the history of the universe has the cancellation of a Christmas order in New York meant layoffs in China.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Everything that everyone is afraid of has already happened: The fragility of capitalism, which we don't want to admit; the loss of the empire of the United States; and American exceptionalism. In fact, American exceptionalism is that we are exceptionally backward in about fifteen different categories, from education to infrastructure.
James Hillman

We don't know where our first impressions come from or precisely what they mean, so we don't always appreciate their fragility.
Malcolm Gladwell

Americans have discovered the fragility of life, that ominous fragility that the rest of the world either already experienced or is experiencing now with terrible intensity.
Jose Saramago
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Fragility Translations

fragility in German is Zerbrechlichkeit
fragility in Latin is fragilitas
fragility in Spanish is fragilidad

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