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Definition of Fourteenth


  1. Next in order after the thirteenth; as, the fourteenth day of the month.
  2. Making or constituting one of fourteen equal parts into which anything may be derived.
  3. One of fourteen equal parts into which one whole may be divided; the quotient of a unit divided by fourteen; one next after the thirteenth.
  4. The octave of the seventh.

Fourteenth Quotations

It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can't remember if it's the thirteenth or the fourteenth.
George Burns

When a young non-white male is stopped and searched at the whim of a police officer, his idea of personal space, privacy and self esteem are shattered, to say nothing of his Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment protections. The damage goes deep quickly and stays. Stop & frisk, as well as a tactic, is also an incitement.
Henry Rollins

The purpose that brought the fourteenth amendment into being was equality before the law, and equality, not separation, was written into the law.
Robert Bork

I believe that nothing enjoys a higher estate in our society than the right given by the First and Fourteenth Amendments freely to practice and proclaim one's religious convictions.
Frank Murphy

No patent medicine was ever put to wider and more varied use than the Fourteenth Amendment.
William O. Douglas
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Fourteenth Translations

fourteenth in German is vierzehnte
fourteenth in Spanish is decimocuarto
fourteenth in Swedish is fjortonde
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