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Definition of Fountain


  1. A spring of water issuing from the earth.
  2. An artificially produced jet or stream of water; also, the structure or works in which such a jet or stream rises or flows; a basin built and constantly supplied with pure water for drinking and other useful purposes, or for ornament.
  3. A reservoir or chamber to contain a liquid which can be conducted or drawn off as needed for use; as, the ink fountain in a printing press, etc.
  4. The source from which anything proceeds, or from which anything is supplied continuously; origin; source.
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Fountain Translations

fountain in Afrikaans is bron
fountain in Dutch is fontein
fountain in Finnish is kaivo
fountain in Italian is sorgente, origine, fontano, fontana a getto, pozzo
fountain in Latin is fons
fountain in Portuguese is fonte, nascente
fountain in Spanish is procedencia, fuente, pozo