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Definition of Formalities


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Formalities Quotations

If the only way a library can offer an Internet exhibit about the New Deal is to hire a lawyer to clear the rights to every image and sound, then the copyright system is burdening creativity in a way that has never been seen before because there are no formalities.
Lawrence Lessig

Sometimes I listen to songs by very smart writers who assume that the world is a civil place with certain formalities that people follow, but I don't see things that way. My own experience tells me that life is not like that.
Suzanne Vega

My father always has been attractive because of his energy, warmth, charm, and talent for finding some connection with people from all cultures and walks of life. He rarely observed social formalities and niceties - something he has passed on to his boys.
Ezekiel Emanuel

And now we have the formalities over, we'll have the National Anthems.
Brian Moore

As a writer given to the old formalities of rhyme and meter, I sometimes feel endangered these days.
X. J. Kennedy
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Formalities Translations

formalities in Swedish is formaliteter
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