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Definition of Foolhardy


  1. Daring without judgment; foolishly adventurous and bold.

Foolhardy Quotations

I think that the romantic impulse is in all of us and that sometimes we live it for a short time, but it's not part of a sensible way of living. It's a heroic path and it generally ends dangerously. I treasure it in the sense that I believe it's a path of great courage. It can also be the path of the foolhardy and the compulsive.
Jane Campion

It would be foolhardy to count on the conscience of the world.
Stefan Zweig

If a company is second rate, the logo will eventually be perceived as second rate. It is foolhardy to believe that a logo will do its job immediately, before an audience has been properly conditioned.
Paul Rand

History is cyclical, and it would be foolhardy to assume that the culture wars will never return.
Frank Rich

The female format is a beautiful one in which to function. Foolhardy as it may be. I change my image all the time, it's whatever suits me at the moment.
Lydia Lunch
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Foolhardy Translations

foolhardy in Norwegian is dumdristig
foolhardy in Swedish is dumdristig
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