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Definition of Flyer


  1. One that uses wings.
  2. The fly of a flag: See Fly, n., 6.
  3. Anything that is scattered abroad in great numbers as a theatrical programme, an advertising leaf, etc.
  4. One in a flight of steps which are parallel to each other(as in ordinary stairs), as distinguished from a winder.
  5. The pair of arms attached to the spindle of a spinning frame, over which the thread passes to the bobbin; -- so called from their swift revolution. See Fly, n., 11.
  6. The fan wheel that rotates the cap of a windmill as the wind veers.
  7. A small operation not involving ? considerable part of one's capital, or not in the line of one's ordinary business; a venture.
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Flyer Translations

flyer in German is Flieger
flyer in Italian is aviatore
flyer in Norwegian is flyger
flyer in Spanish is aviador
flyer in Swedish is flygare, flygplan