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Definition of Fluently


  1. In a fluent manner.

Fluently Quotations

Carl Sagan spoke fluently between biology and geology and astrophysics and physics. If you move fluently across those boundaries, you realize that science is everywhere; science is not something you can step around or sweep under the rug.
Neil deGrasse Tyson

I speak Hindi fluently because my mother speaks only in Hindi and Urdu.
Esha Gupta

I was brought up bilingual, but there came a point where my mom went back to work and I got a white babysitter, so sadly I lost it. Now I can understand Spanish and put words together, but I don't speak it fluently. I'm ashamed of that.
Michael Trevino

He knows so little and knows it so fluently.
Ellen Glasgow

It's like learning a language; you can't speak a language fluently until you find out who you are in that language, and that has as much to do with your body as it does with vocabulary and grammar.
Fred Frith
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Fluently Translations

fluently in French is coulante
fluently in Latin is volubiliter, facunde
fluently in Swedish is flytande(om att tala)
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