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Definition of Fluctuation


  1. A motion like that of waves; a moving in this and that direction; as, the fluctuations of the sea.
  2. A wavering; unsteadiness; as, fluctuations of opinion; fluctuations of prices.
  3. The motion or undulation of a fluid collected in a natural or artifical cavity, which is felt when it is subjected to pressure or percussion.

Fluctuation Quotations

Similarly, another famous little quantum fluctuation that programs you is the exact configuration of your DNA.
Seth Lloyd

According to the standard model billions of years ago some little quantum fluctuation, perhaps a slightly lower density of matter, maybe right where we're sitting right now, caused our galaxy to start collapsing around here.
Seth Lloyd

Because of my own experience with market fluctuation, I recognize the great risks one takes on investments. This converts the Social Security safety net into a risky proposition many cannot afford to take.
Grace Napolitano

The success of ordinary cosmology speaks against the idea that the universe was created in a random fluctuation.
Leonard Susskind
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Fluctuation Translations

fluctuation in French is fluctuation, oscillation
fluctuation in German is Fluktuation, Schwankung, Schwankung
fluctuation in Italian is oscillazione, ondeggiamento
fluctuation in Norwegian is svingning
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