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Definition of Flowing


  1. of Flow
  2. That flows or for flowing (in various sense of the verb); gliding along smoothly; copious.
  3. a. & n. from Flow, v. i. & t.

Flowing Quotations

A man's delight in looking forward to and hoping for some particular satisfaction is a part of the pleasure flowing out of it, enjoyed in advance. But this is afterward deducted, for the more we look forward to anything the less we enjoy it when it comes.
Arthur Schopenhauer

The work an unknown good man has done is like a vein of water flowing hidden underground, secretly making the ground green.
Thomas Carlyle

I am inspired by anything beautiful. Sometime it's a pair of eyes or flowing gorgeous hair, other times it's the sky or a sunset. I've been inspired by supple skin or the texture of a soft shirt.
Nadine Velazquez

Marriage is like a game of chess except the board is flowing water, the pieces are made of smoke and no move you make will have any effect on the outcome.
Jerry Seinfeld

Would that I were a dry well, and that the people tossed stones into me, for that would be easier than to be a spring of flowing water that the thirsty pass by, and from which they avoid drinking.
Khalil Gibran
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Flowing Translations

flowing in Latin is liquidus
flowing in Spanish is fluido
flowing in Swedish is rinnande, svallande, flytande

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