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Definition of Fission


  1. A cleaving, splitting, or breaking up into parts.
  2. A method of asexual reproduction among the lowest (unicellular) organisms by means of a process of self-division, consisting of gradual division or cleavage of the into two parts, each of which then becomes a separate and independent organisms; as when a cell in an animal or plant, or its germ, undergoes a spontaneous division, and the parts again subdivide. See Segmentation, and Cell division, under Division.
  3. A process by which certain coral polyps, echinoderms, annelids, etc., spontaneously subdivide, each individual thus forming two or more new ones. See Strobilation.
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Fission Translations

fission in French is fission
fission in German is Spaltung
fission in Italian is fenditura
fission in Norwegian is spalting
fission in Swedish is klyvning