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Definition of Firemen


  1. of Fireman

Firemen Quotations

There were a lot of choices to make and I always picked artist. I never once picked doctor, lawyer, firemen or something like that. It was always artist.
Maynard James Keenan

Like other kids wanted to become firemen or astronauts, I wanted to make people laugh.
Steven Wright

British aren't really known for their physical loveliness but firemen, generally speaking, are gorgeous.
Emma Thompson

Pray for someone else's child, your pastor, the military, the police officers, the firemen, the teachers, the government. There's no end to the ways that you can intervene on behalf of others through prayer.
Monica Johnson

I played in front of every conceivable audience you could face: an all-black audience, all-white, firemen's fairs, policemen's balls, in front of supermarkets, bar mitzvahs, weddings, drive-in theaters. I'd seen it all before I ever walked into a recording studio.
Bruce Springsteen
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