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Definition of Finnish


  1. Of or pertaining to Finland, to the Finns, or to their language.
  2. A Northern Turanian group of languages; the language of the Finns.

Finnish Quotations

Finnish companies tend to be very traditional, not taking many risks. Silicon Valley is completely different: people here really live on the edge.
Linus Torvalds

My mother birthed three children and she adopted myself and another African-American son. My adoptive parents were Finnish. I grew up in a white picket neighborhood.
Michael Franti

The subject of Finnish poetry ought to have a special interest for the Japanese student, if only for the reason that Finnish poetry comes more closely in many respects to Japanese poetry than any other form of Western poetry.
Lafcadio Hearn

A government institution called the Finnish Film Foundation funds filmmaking there, and I wrote several screenplays but never got any money. They were sent back to me, and they said that they were too commercial for them.
Renny Harlin

I think we have grave problems. I am very much concerned about environmental questions, even though in Finnish society, we are not facing the most urgent problems.
Harri Holkeri
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Finnish Translations

finnish in Afrikaans is Fins
finnish in Dutch is afdoen, afhandelen
finnish in Dutch is Fins
finnish in Dutch is afwikkelen
finnish in Finnish is suomalainen
finnish in French is Finnoise, finlandais, Finlandaise, Finnois
finnish in Swedish is finsk
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