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Definition of Fatherland


  1. One's native land; the native land of one's fathers or ancestors.

Fatherland Quotations

One does not inhabit a country; one inhabits a language. That is our country, our fatherland - and no other.
Emile M. Cioran

A state always calls itself fatherland when it is ready for murder.
Friedrich Durrenmatt

Perugia is my true fatherland because there I grew to manhood.
Pietro Aretino

If these hands, used to fighting, would be acceptable to His Holiness, we most thankfully dedicate them to the service of him who deserves so well of the Church and of the fatherland.
Giuseppe Garibaldi

Above all, be suspicious of your fatherland. Nobody is more inclined to become a murderer than a fatherland.
Friedrich Durrenmatt
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Fatherland Translations

fatherland in Dutch is vaderland
fatherland in German is Vaterland
fatherland in Latin is patria
fatherland in Spanish is patria

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