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Definition of Fat


  1. A large tub, cistern, or vessel; a vat.
  2. A measure of quantity, differing for different commodities.
  3. Abounding with fat
  4. Fleshy; characterized by fatness; plump; corpulent; not lean; as, a fat man; a fat ox.
  5. Oily; greasy; unctuous; rich; -- said of food.
  6. Exhibiting the qualities of a fat animal; coarse; heavy; gross; dull; stupid.
  7. Fertile; productive; as, a fat soil; a fat pasture.
  8. Rich; producing a large income; desirable; as, a fat benefice; a fat office; a fat job.
  9. Abounding in riches; affluent; fortunate.
  10. Of a character which enables the compositor to make large wages; -- said of matter containing blank, cuts, or many leads, etc.; as, a fat take; a fat page.
  11. An oily liquid or greasy substance making up the main bulk of the adipose tissue of animals, and widely distributed in the seeds of plants. See Adipose tissue, under Adipose.
  12. The best or richest productions; the best part; as, to live on the fat of the land.
  13. Work. containing much blank, or its equivalent, and, therefore, profitable to the compositor.
  14. To make fat; to fatten; to make plump and fleshy with abundant food; as, to fat fowls or sheep.
  15. To grow fat, plump, and fleshy.

Fat Quotations

I accept you, and you get the same respect from me whether you are black, white, gay straight, Asian, bisexual, Australian, tall, fat, whatever it is. We are all people, and I look at the people of the world the same way, as my brothers and sisters.
Nash Grier

It's simple, if it jiggles, it's fat.
Arnold Schwarzenegger

This is what people don't understand: obesity is a symptom of poverty. It's not a lifestyle choice where people are just eating and not exercising. It's because kids - and this is the problem with school lunch right now - are getting sugar, fat, empty calories - lots of calories - but no nutrition.
Tom Colicchio

I found there was only one way to look thin: hang out with fat people.
Rodney Dangerfield

Don't assume that all fat people are gluttons. And don't use the word 'fat.' There is a principle here. Learn from logic and experience not to associate things - especially in preaching - that don't necessarily go together.
John Piper
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Fat Translations

fat in Afrikaans is vetterig, vet
fat in Danish is fed, tyk, fedt
fat in Dutch is lijvig, dik
fat in Finnish is rasva, paksu
fat in German is fett
fat in Italian is grassello, grosso
fat in Latin is pinguis
fat in Norwegian is fett, fet, tykk
fat in Portuguese is gordo, gordura
fat in Spanish is engrase, grueso, grasa, gordo
fat in Swedish is fet, fett
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