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Definition of Fastidious


  1. Difficult to please; delicate to a fault; suited with difficulty; squeamish; as, a fastidious mind or ear; a fastidious appetite.

Fastidious Quotations

I'm terribly fastidious. I like symmetry and neatness, but my house is as chaotic as any other family's.
Kevin McCloud

The fastidious are unfortunate; nothing satisfies them.
Jean de La Fontaine

Before achieving a dream, you need to make very little steps... People don't understand that when you want to make a big dream you have a lot of fastidious little things you have to do.
Bertrand Piccard

A pretty wife is something for the fastidious vanity of a roue to retire upon.
Thomas Moore

But when, in the first setting out, he takes it for granted without proof, that distinctions found in the structure of all languages, have no foundation in nature; this surely is too fastidious a way of treating the common sense of mankind.
Thomas Reid
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Fastidious Translations

fastidious in Latin is fastidiosus
fastidious in Norwegian is kresen