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Definition of Fanatical


  1. Characteristic of, or relating to, fanaticism; fanatic.

Fanatical Quotations

Marxism, Freudianism, global warming. These are proof - of which history offers so many examples - that people can be suckers on a grand scale. To their fanatical followers they are a substitute for religion. Global warming, in particular, is a creed, a faith, a dogma that has little to do with science.
Paul Johnson

The reason is that for many years I have avoided reading anything whatsoever that approaches my own line of country, out of a somewhat fanatical desire to avoid the risk of unconscious imitation.
Leslie Charteris

Good habits are worth being fanatical about.
John Irving

All religious leaders and spiritual teachers emphasize finding a place within us that is true. People who obsessively follow these leaders instead of their own purpose attach to the spiritual leader and become fanatical and controlling. That's why Jesus tried to tell his followers not to get attached to outward form.
Martha Beck

We immerse ourselves in escapist mass entertainment, such as 'reality T.V.' programs. We support fanatical politicians and preachers. Our politicians, in turn, support dictators and tyrants in other countries, all in the name of 'security' and 'stability'. And we arm ourselves to the teeth, and pray to God to be saved.
Brendan Myers
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Fanatical Translations

fanatical in Dutch is dwepend, fanatiek, dweepziek
fanatical in French is fanatique
fanatical in German is fanatisch
fanatical in Swedish is fanatisk
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