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Definition of Fallow


  1. Pale red or pale yellow; as, a fallow deer or greyhound.
  2. Left untilled or unsowed after plowing; uncultivated; as, fallow ground.
  3. Plowed land.
  4. Land that has lain a year or more untilled or unseeded; land plowed without being sowed for the season.
  5. The plowing or tilling of land, without sowing it for a season; as, summer fallow, properly conducted, has ever been found a sure method of destroying weeds.
  6. To plow, harrow, and break up, as land, without seeding, for the purpose of destroying weeds and insects, and rendering it mellow; as, it is profitable to fallow cold, strong, clayey land.

Fallow Quotations

The Mind that lies fallow but a single Day, sprouts up in Follies that are only to be killed by a constant and assiduous Culture.
Joseph Addison

The first thing one must remember about film is that it is a young medium. And it is essential for every responsible artist to cultivate the ground that has been left fallow.
Orson Welles

The garden has taught me to live, to appreciate the times when things are fallow and when they're not.
Jamaica Kincaid

The winter period between September and March in this country, when land sits fallow and is subject to topsoil loss, we could be enriching the soil and growing all the biomass we need to replace imported gasoline.
Vinod Khosla

A soil, exhausted by the long culture of Pagan empires, was to lie fallow for a still longer period.
John Lothrop Motley
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Fallow Translations

fallow in Norwegian is brakkmark
fallow in Spanish is barbecho
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