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Definition of Fallacious


  1. Embodying or pertaining to a fallacy; illogical; fitted to deceive; misleading; delusive; as, fallacious arguments or reasoning.

Fallacious Quotations

All formal dogmatic religions are fallacious and must never be accepted by self-respecting persons as final.

Now, then, in order to understand white supremacy we must dismiss the fallacious notion that white people can give anybody their freedom.
Stokely Carmichael

The laws of probability, so true in general, so fallacious in particular.
Edward Gibbon

I think it's important for scientists to be a bit less arrogant, a bit more humble, recognising we are capable of making mistakes and being fallacious - which is increasingly serious in a society where our work may have unpredictable consequences.
Robert Winston

Nothing is more fallacious than wealth. It is a hostile comrade, a domestic enemy.
John Chrysostom
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Fallacious Translations

fallacious in Dutch is misleidend
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