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Definition of Fading


  1. of Fade
  2. Losing freshness, color, brightness, or vigor.
  3. Loss of color, freshness, or vigor.
  4. An Irish dance; also, the burden of a song.

Fading Quotations

Smiling always with a never fading serenity of countenance, and flourishing in an immortal youth.
Isaac Barrow

I saw that my image was changing or fading. One of the reasons for taking a break from clubs was to be missed-not forgotten.
Sammy Davis, Jr.

I think the notion of traditional anchor is fading away - the all-knowing, all-seeing person who speaks from on high. I don't think the audience really buys that anymore. As a viewer, I know I don't buy it.
Anderson Cooper

The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history.
George Orwell

There are moments when you feel that the desire to work is fading, and the only way to bring it back is to get away from it, to put yourself in a state of frustration so you feel the need again.
Emmanuelle Beart
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Fading Translations

fading in Latin is pallor
fading in Spanish is desvanecimiento
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