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Definition of Fabricate


  1. To form into a whole by uniting its parts; to frame; to construct; to build; as, to fabricate a bridge or ship.
  2. To form by art and labor; to manufacture; to produce; as, to fabricate woolens.
  3. To invent and form; to forge; to devise falsely; as, to fabricate a lie or story.

Fabricate Quotations

To finalize, the purpose of an election is to hear the will of the people, not to fabricate votes.
Lincoln Diaz-Balart

It's a failure of national vision when you regard children as weapons, and talents as materials you can mine, assay, and fabricate for profit and defense.
John Hersey

We estimate that once Iraq acquires fissile material - whether from a foreign source or by securing the materials to build an indigenous fissile material capability - it could fabricate a nuclear weapon within one year.
John Bolton

Art shows us that human beings still matter in a world where money talks the loudest, where computers know everything about us, and where robots fabricate our next meal and also our ride there.
John Maeda

Getting inside the mind of a terrorist wasn't difficult at all. Even as children, human beings fabricate elaborate revenge fantasies. We're not a particular species. Check out popular video games.
Alan Dean Foster
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Fabricate Translations

fabricate in Afrikaans is vervaardig
fabricate in Danish is fabrikere
fabricate in Dutch is maken, fabriceren, aanmaken
fabricate in French is fabriquer
fabricate in German is herstellen, fabrizieren
fabricate in Norwegian is dikte opp
fabricate in Portuguese is fabrique
fabricate in Spanish is fabricar, manufacturar
fabricate in Swedish is uppfinna
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