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Definition of Eyesight


  1. Sight of the eye; the sense of seeing; view; observation.

Eyesight Quotations

Most of us who have healthy eyesight are extremely attached to our vision, often without being conscious that we are. We depend heavily on our eyes, and yet we rarely give them a second thought. I, at least, am this way. The physical world is almost hyper-vivid to me.
Rosemary Mahoney

I have very poor eyesight, and I can't imagine a world without my glasses or contacts.
Ellen Hollman

I never questioned the integrity of an umpire. Their eyesight, yes.
Leo Durocher

I like using snapshot cameras because they're idiot-proof. I have bad eyesight, and I'm no good at focusing big cameras.
Terry Richardson

My eyesight is not nearly as good. My hearing is probably going away. My memory is slipping too. But I'm still around.
John Wooden
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Eyesight Translations

eyesight in German is Augenlicht {m}
eyesight in Swedish is syn
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