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Definition of Exporting


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Exporting Quotations

The food system is not a free market. In this country, we impose reasonably high standards of animal welfare - but we haven't applied the same standards to food we import, so all we're really doing is exporting cruelty from Britain elsewhere, and at the same time undermining our farmers.
Zac Goldsmith

We got into a recession because the global economy went into the recession and we're a big exporting nation.
Stephen Harper

There needs to be more pressure on the Mexican government to stop the drugs and illegal immigrants on their side of the border instead of exporting them to the U.S.
Timothy Murphy

I think we have lost our groove as a country. One of the reasons was the attack on 9/11. We got knocked off our game. From a country that always exported hope we went into the business of exporting fear.
Thomas Friedman

There are better alternatives... Australia should be exporting its solar technology, not its uranium.
Bob Brown
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Exporting Translations

exporting in French is exportant
exporting in German is exportierend
exporting in Swedish is exporterande