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Definition of Expire


  1. To breathe out; to emit from the lungs; to throw out from the mouth or nostrils in the process of respiration; -- opposed to inspire.
  2. To give forth insensibly or gently, as a fluid or vapor; to emit in minute particles; to exhale; as, the earth expires a damp vapor; plants expire odors.
  3. To emit; to give out.
  4. To bring to a close; to terminate.
  5. To emit the breath.
  6. To emit the last breath; to breathe out the life; to die; as, to expire calmly; to expire in agony.
  7. To come to an end; to cease; to terminate; to perish; to become extinct; as, the flame expired; his lease expires to-day; the month expired on Saturday.
  8. To burst forth; to fly out with a blast.
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Expire Translations

expire in Afrikaans is sterf, ophou
expire in Dutch is aflopen, ophouden, uitgaan, eindigen
expire in Finnish is kuolla
expire in German is verfallen
expire in Italian is decorrere, decadere
expire in Portuguese is morrer
expire in Spanish is caducar, salirse