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Definition of Expand


  1. To lay open by extending; to open wide; to spread out; to diffuse; as, a flower expands its leaves.
  2. To cause the particles or parts of to spread themselves or stand apart, thus increasing bulk without addition of substance; to make to occupy more space; to dilate; to distend; to extend every way; to enlarge; -- opposed to contract; as, to expand the chest; heat expands all bodies; to expand the sphere of benevolence.
  3. To state in enlarged form; to develop; as, to expand an equation. See Expansion, 5.
  4. To become widely opened, spread apart, dilated, distended, or enlarged; as, flowers expand in the spring; metals expand by heat; the heart expands with joy.
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Expand Translations

expand in German is ausdehnen, erweitern
expand in Italian is ampliare, stendere, espandere
expand in Latin is dilato
expand in Norwegian is utbre, utvide
expand in Spanish is acgrandar, espaciar
expand in Swedish is expandera, utvidga, utbreda