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Definition of Excellent


  1. Excelling; surpassing others in some good quality or the sum of qualities; of great worth; eminent, in a good sense; superior; as, an excellent man, artist, citizen, husband, discourse, book, song, etc.; excellent breeding, principles, aims, action.
  2. Superior in kind or degree, irrespective of moral quality; -- used with words of a bad significance.
  3. Excellently; eminently; exceedingly.

Excellent Quotations

Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.
John Lubbock

Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. - Voltaire
Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.

If you're studying for an exam you're not thinking about the results. If you're always worried about the results, you can't study a lot. So to be engaged and detached from the outcome is excellent. Excellence is behavior. I mean, isn't that what martial arts is about? And that's what meditation is about, that's what, in many ways, sports are about.
Deepak Chopra

There are three kinds of intelligence: one kind understands things for itself, the other appreciates what others can understand, the third understands neither for itself nor through others. This first kind is excellent, the second good, and the third kind useless.
Niccolo Machiavelli

When I woke up Sunday morning at the Open and stepped outside and felt the wind and rain in my face, I knew I had an excellent chance to win if I just took my time and trusted myself.
Tom Kite
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Excellent Translations

excellent in Italian is esimio, grandioso, eccellentissimo
excellent in Latin is precipuus, palmarium, praestans prestans, eximius
excellent in Norwegian is fortreffelig, utmerket
excellent in Spanish is preeminente, insigne, sublime
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