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Definition of Excavate


  1. To hollow out; to form cavity or hole in; to make hollow by cutting, scooping, or digging; as, to excavate a ball; to excavate the earth.
  2. To form by hollowing; to shape, as a cavity, or anything that is hollow; as, to excavate a canoe, a cellar, a channel.
  3. To dig out and remove, as earth.

Excavate Translations

excavate in Dutch is opduikelen, delven, opgraven, rooien
excavate in French is excavons, excavez, excavent, excavation, excaver
excavate in German is ausheben, ausgraben, ausschachten, ausgraben
excavate in Italian is disotterrare
excavate in Norwegian is grave ut
excavate in Spanish is excavar, zanjar