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Definition of Example


  1. One or a portion taken to show the character or quality of the whole; a sample; a specimen.
  2. That which is to be followed or imitated as a model; a pattern or copy.
  3. That which resembles or corresponds with something else; a precedent; a model.
  4. That which is to be avoided; one selected for punishment and to serve as a warning; a warning.
  5. An instance serving for illustration of a rule or precept, especially a problem to be solved, or a case to be determined, as an exercise in the application of the rules of any study or branch of science; as, in trigonometry and grammar, the principles and rules are illustrated by examples.
  6. To set an example for; to give a precedent for; to exemplify; to give an instance of; to instance.

Example Quotations

Most comedy is based on getting a laugh at somebody else's expense. And I find that that's just a form of bullying in a major way. So I want to be an example that you can be funny and be kind, and make people laugh without hurting somebody else's feelings.
Ellen DeGeneres

Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example.
Mark Twain

As an example to others, and not that I care for moderation myself, it has always been my rule never to smoke when asleep, and never to refrain from smoking when awake.
Mark Twain

In motivating people, you've got to engage their minds and their hearts. I motivate people, I hope, by example - and perhaps by excitement, by having productive ideas to make others feel involved.
Rupert Murdoch

Rather than dividing the world between good and evil, the Left divided the world in terms of economics. Economic classes, not moral values, explained human behavior. Therefore, to cite a common example, poverty, not one's moral value system, or lack of it, caused crime.
Dennis Prager
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Example Translations

example in Afrikaans is voorbeeld
example in Danish is eksempel
example in Dutch is toonbeeld, voorbeeld
example in Finnish is esimerkki
example in French is exemple, ex
example in German is Beispiel, Vorbild, Beispiel
example in Italian is esempio, modello
example in Latin is exempoator, exemplum
example in Norwegian is eksempel
example in Portuguese is exemplo
example in Spanish is cala a, ejemplo
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