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Definition of Everything


  1. Whatever pertains to the subject under consideration; all things.

Everything Quotations

Robert Frost Quote
In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.
Robert Frost

I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.
Audrey Hepburn

Marcus Aurelius Quote
Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.
Marcus Aurelius

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me'.
Erma Bombeck

Confucius Quote
Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.
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Everything Translations

everything in Afrikaans is alles
everything in Danish is all
everything in Dutch is allemaal, alles
everything in Finnish is kaikki
everything in French is toute
everything in German is alles
everything in Hungarian is minden
everything in Italian is tutto, ogni cosa
everything in Norwegian is alt
everything in Portuguese is tudo
everything in Swedish is allting

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