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Definition of Evacuate


  1. To make empty; to empty out; to remove the contents of; as, to evacuate a vessel or dish.
  2. Fig.: To make empty; to deprive.
  3. To remove; to eject; to void; to discharge, as the contents of a vessel, or of the bowels.
  4. To withdraw from; to quit; to retire from; as, soldiers from a country, city, or fortress.
  5. To make void; to nullify; to vacate; as, to evacuate a contract or marriage.
  6. To let blood

Evacuate Translations

evacuate in Dutch is ontruimen, evacueren
evacuate in Italian is vuotare, rimuovere, lasciare
evacuate in Portuguese is evacue
evacuate in Spanish is despejar
evacuate in Swedish is utrymma, evakuera