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Definition of Escort


  1. A body of armed men to attend a person of distinction for the sake of affording safety when on a journey; one who conducts some one as an attendant; a guard, as of prisoners on a march; also, a body of persons, attending as a mark of respect or honor; -- applied to movements on land, as convoy is to movements at sea.
  2. Protection, care, or safeguard on a journey or excursion; as, to travel under the escort of a friend.
  3. To attend with a view to guard and protect; to accompany as safeguard; to give honorable or ceremonious attendance to; -- used esp. with reference to journeys or excursions on land; as, to escort a public functionary, or a lady; to escort a baggage wagon.
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Escort Translations

escort in Dutch is begeleiding, accompagnement
escort in French is reconduisons, convoyage, escortez, reconduisez
escort in German is Geleit, begleiten
escort in Italian is seguito, scorta
escort in Norwegian is ledsage, eskorte
escort in Portuguese is escolta
escort in Spanish is acompa ar, sequito, escoltar, escolta