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Definition of Equip


  1. To furnish for service, or against a need or exigency; to fit out; to supply with whatever is necessary to efficient action in any way; to provide with arms or an armament, stores, munitions, rigging, etc.; -- said esp. of ships and of troops.
  2. To dress up; to array; accouter.

Equip Quotations

We must open the doors of opportunity. But we must also equip our people to walk through those doors.
Lyndon B. Johnson

As a parent, it's my responsibility to equip my child to do this - to grieve when grief is necessary and to realize that life is still profoundly beautiful and worth living despite the fact that we inevitably lose one another and that life ends, and we don't know what happens after death.
Sam Harris

One seeks to equip the child with deeper, more gripping, and subtler ways of knowing the world and himself.
Jerome Bruner

When a nation is surrounded by weaponized nations, she has to equip herself.
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

The ability to recognize opportunities and move in new - and sometimes unexpected - directions will benefit you no matter your interests or aspirations. A liberal arts education is designed to equip students for just such flexibility and imagination.
Drew Gilpin Faust
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Equip Translations

equip in Dutch is toerusten, uitrusten, uitvoeren
equip in Italian is equipaggiare, corredare
equip in Latin is suborno, armo
equip in Norwegian is utruste
equip in Portuguese is equipe
equip in Spanish is equipar, dotar, pertrechar
equip in Swedish is utrusta, ekipera, bemanna
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