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Equated Quotations

If the clockwork universe equated the human body with the mechanics of the clock, the digital universe now equates human consciousness with the processing of the computer. We joke that things don't compute, that we need a reboot, or that our memory has been wiped.
Douglas Rushkoff

I don't believe the fertilised egg can be equated with the sort of human life that you and I represent, or our children represent.
Robert Winston

The only exercise I got as a kid was fork to mouth. Food was equated with love in my household. I thought you left the table when the zipper was down and you'd explode if you took another bite. I'd eat my plate and then everyone else's leftovers.
Paul Stanley

To young people born under the weird planet of the SAT, intelligence was equated with agility, with raw acuity. It produced a certain sort of person of which I was a typical specimen: the mental contortionist, able to rise to almost every challenge placed before him, except the challenge of real self-knowledge.
Walter Kirn

Scientia is knowledge. It is only in the popular mind that it is equated with facts.
John Charles Polanyi
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Equated Translations

equated in German is stellte gleich, gleichgestellt
equated in Italian is equiparato

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