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Definition of Epoch


  1. A fixed point of time, established in history by the occurrence of some grand or remarkable event; a point of time marked by an event of great subsequent influence; as, the epoch of the creation; the birth of Christ was the epoch which gave rise to the Christian era.
  2. A period of time, longer or shorter, remarkable for events of great subsequent influence; a memorable period; as, the epoch of maritime discovery, or of the Reformation.
  3. A division of time characterized by the prevalence of similar conditions of the earth; commonly a minor division or part of a period.
  4. The date at which a planet or comet has a longitude or position.
  5. An arbitrary fixed date, for which the elements used in computing the place of a planet, or other heavenly body, at any other date, are given; as, the epoch of Mars; lunar elements for the epoch March 1st, 1860.
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Epoch Translations

epoch in Danish is epoke
epoch in Dutch is tijdsgewricht, tijdperk
epoch in Finnish is ajanjakso
epoch in German is Epoche
epoch in Hungarian is korszak, kor
epoch in Italian is epoca
epoch in Latin is tempus temporis
epoch in Swedish is epok, tid