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Definition of Episcopalian


  1. Pertaining to bishops, or government by bishops; episcopal; specifically, of or relating to the Protestant Episcopal Church.
  2. One who belongs to an episcopal church, or adheres to the episcopal form of church government and discipline; a churchman; specifically, in the United States, a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church.

Episcopalian Quotations

I was raised an Episcopalian. And I did not and I don't believe that anyone is looking out for me personally.
Joan Didion

I still don't know what Episcopalian means.
Fiona Apple

Well, I'm a Christian. I was a born a Presbyterian and became an Episcopalian.
Karl Rove

I was a very religious kid. I was raised as an Episcopalian.
Steven Seagal

I am an Episcopalian who takes the faith of my fathers seriously, and I would, I think, be disheartened if my own young children were to turn away from the church when they grow up. I am also a critic of Christianity, if by critic one means an observer who brings historical and literary judgment to bear on the texts and traditions of the church.
Jon Meacham
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Episcopalian Translations

episcopalian in Norwegian is episkopal, biskoppelig
episcopalian in Spanish is episcopaliano
episcopalian in Swedish is medlem av episkopalkyrkan

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