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Definition of Episcopalian


  1. Pertaining to bishops, or government by bishops; episcopal; specifically, of or relating to the Protestant Episcopal Church.
  2. One who belongs to an episcopal church, or adheres to the episcopal form of church government and discipline; a churchman; specifically, in the United States, a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church.

Episcopalian Quotations

I was enrolled in divinity school and thought I was going to become a minister - I'm Episcopalian - but I was disavowed of that notion pretty quickly while working at the hospital. I found myself really unfulfilled by the answers that are traditionally offered to questions of why some people suffer and why others suffer so little.
John Green

My father was an Episcopalian minister, and I've always been comforted by the power of prayer.
Anna Lee

I've read in a couple stories that I was raised Episcopalian, but that's not true. I think that's just people assuming things. In some ways, I wish I was raised Episcopalian. I was kind of raised hodgepodge.
Sufjan Stevens

I was raised an Episcopalian. And I did not and I don't believe that anyone is looking out for me personally.
Joan Didion

I was a very religious kid. I was raised as an Episcopalian.
Steven Seagal
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Episcopalian Translations

episcopalian in Norwegian is episkopal, biskoppelig
episcopalian in Spanish is episcopaliano
episcopalian in Swedish is medlem av episkopalkyrkan
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