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Definition of Envied


  1. of Envy

Envied Quotations

After months of want and hunger, we suddenly found ourselves able to have meals fit for the gods, and with appetites the gods might have envied.
Ernest Shackleton

Man will do many things to get himself loved, he will do all things to get himself envied.
Mark Twain

The envious die not once, but as oft as the envied win applause.
Baltasar Gracian

How much better a thing it is to be envied than to be pitied.

In America, if you succeed, you don't have to apologize. In Italy, success is envied, and envy is the worst, worst, worst thing in the world. It's easy for me to say because I have had more than many others, but at the end of the day, I have never envied anyone. I wish to no one that they waste their time envying anyone else.
Lapo Elkann
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Envied Translations

envied in German is beneidete
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