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Definition of Entourage


  1. Surroundings; specif., collectively, one's attendants or associates.

Entourage Quotations

I don't have big security guards. I don't have an entourage.
Taylor Swift

If you take a bunch of superstars and put them in a room where they don't have their assistants and entourage, it's funny to see what happens.
Daryl Hall

I have a wonderful road manager, and he travels with me. And my valet and friend travels with me. My little entourage is great, and they take good care of me.
Don Rickles

Being outside the candy store looking in is the state of people today. Whether you're in a Pakistani village watching somebody in a car drive by, or you're in the city of Lahore going to a restaurant and seeing somebody with a security entourage coming in... you're exposed to people with more.
Mohsin Hamid

I never understood who all those people are behind the actors! When you see them on the red carpet on TV, you go, 'Why does that person need such a large entourage?' And then you realize that every single person there has a role to play.
Lupita Nyong'o
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Entourage Translations

entourage in French is entourage
entourage in Spanish is medio ambiente

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