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Definition of Entertainment


  1. The act of receiving as host, or of amusing, admitting, or cherishing; hospitable reception; also, reception or treatment, in general.
  2. That which entertains, or with which one is entertained; as: (a) Hospitality; hospitable provision for the wants of a guest; especially, provision for the table; a hospitable repast; a feast; a formal or elegant meal. (b) That which engages the attention agreeably, amuses or diverts, whether in private, as by conversation, etc., or in public, by performances of some kind; amusement.
  3. Admission into service; service.
  4. Payment of soldiers or servants; wages.
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Entertainment Translations

entertainment in Afrikaans is vermaak
entertainment in Danish is underholdning
entertainment in Dutch is aardigheid, pretje, amusement
entertainment in French is divertissement, plaisanterie, entretien, amusement
entertainment in German is Unterhaltung
entertainment in Italian is spasso, conversazione, divertimento
entertainment in Norwegian is representasjon, forlystelse, underholdning