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Definition of Enjoy


  1. To take pleasure or satisfaction in the possession or experience of; to feel or perceive with pleasure; to be delighted with; as, to enjoy the dainties of a feast; to enjoy conversation.
  2. To have, possess, and use with satisfaction; to occupy or have the benefit of, as a good or profitable thing, or as something desirable; as, to enjoy a free constitution and religious liberty.
  3. To have sexual intercourse with.
  4. To take satisfaction; to live in happiness.
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Enjoy Translations

enjoy in Afrikaans is geniet
enjoy in Danish is nyde
enjoy in Dutch is genieten van, blij zijn
enjoy in Finnish is nauttia
enjoy in French is jouissent, jouis, jouissez, jouissons
enjoy in Latin is occupo
enjoy in Norwegian is nyte, glede seg ved
enjoy in Spanish is disfrutar, fruir