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Definition of Endorsed


  1. of Endorse
After the Republican Party did everything that Colin Powell says it needs to do to grow, and nominated the very kind of candidate he wanted in 2008, what did Powell do? He endorsed Obama! So according to the Drive-Bys and David Gergen, Republicans should let somebody who campaigned and voted for Obama, tell us how to build our party.
Rush Limbaugh

Anything seen on TV is, in a subtle and sinister sense, thereby endorsed.
Dick Cavett

I mean there are many people who have endorsed me that I agree with on some things and not others.
Carly Fiorina

I've always been endorsed by the National Rifle Association.
Howard Dean

Those who made and endorsed our Constitution knew man's nature, and it is to their ideas, rather than to the temptations of utopia, that we must ask that our judges adhere.
Robert Bork

Endorsed Translations

endorsed in German is indossierte

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