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Definition of Emblem


  1. Inlay; inlaid or mosaic work; something ornamental inserted in a surface.
  2. A visible sign of an idea; an object, or the figure of an object, symbolizing and suggesting another object, or an idea, by natural aptness or by association; a figurative representation; a typical designation; a symbol; as, a balance is an emblem of justice; a scepter, the emblem of sovereignty or power; a circle, the emblem of eternity.
  3. A picture accompanied with a motto, a set of verse, or the like, intended as a moral lesson or meditation.
  4. To represent by an emblem; to symbolize.
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Emblem Translations

emblem in Danish is emblem
emblem in Dutch is kleur, embleem
emblem in Finnish is tunnus
emblem in German is Wahrzeichen, Wappen
emblem in Italian is emblema, stemma
emblem in Portuguese is emblema
emblem in Spanish is emblema, armas
emblem in Swedish is symbol