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Definition of Elevator


  1. One who, or that which, raises or lifts up anything
  2. A mechanical contrivance, usually an endless belt or chain with a series of scoops or buckets, for transferring grain to an upper loft for storage.
  3. A cage or platform and the hoisting machinery in a hotel, warehouse, mine, etc., for conveying persons, goods, etc., to or from different floors or levels; -- called in England a lift; the cage or platform itself.
  4. A building for elevating, storing, and discharging, grain.
  5. A muscle which serves to raise a part of the body, as the leg or the eye.
  6. An instrument for raising a depressed portion of a bone.
  7. A movable plane or group of planes used to control the altitude or fore-and-aft poise or inclination of an airship or flying machine.
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Elevator Translations

elevator in Afrikaans is hyser
elevator in Danish is elevator
elevator in Dutch is lift
elevator in French is ascenseur
elevator in German is Fahrstuhl {m}, Aufzug {m}
elevator in Italian is ascensore, elevatore
elevator in Norwegian is heis
elevator in Portuguese is elevador, ascensor
elevator in Spanish is ascensor, cscensor, cscensor
elevator in Swedish is hiss