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Definition of Elephant


  1. A mammal of the order Proboscidia, of which two living species, Elephas Indicus and E. Africanus, and several fossil species, are known. They have a proboscis or trunk, and two large ivory tusks proceeding from the extremity of the upper jaw, and curving upwards. The molar teeth are large and have transverse folds. Elephants are the largest land animals now existing.
  2. Ivory; the tusk of the elephant.
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Elephant Translations

elephant in Afrikaans is olifant
elephant in Danish is elefant
elephant in Dutch is olifant
elephant in Finnish is norsu
elephant in German is Elefant
elephant in Italian is elefante
elephant in Norwegian is elefant
elephant in Portuguese is elefante
elephant in Spanish is elefante
elephant in Swedish is elefant