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Definition of Electrician


  1. An investigator of electricity; one versed in the science of electricity.

Electrician Quotations

I was training to be an electrician. I suppose I got wired the wrong way round somewhere along the line.
Elvis Presley

By an irony of fate, my first employment was as a draughtsman. I hated drawing; it was for me the very worst of annoyances. Fortunately, it was not long before I secured the position I sought, that of chief electrician to the telephone company.
Nikola Tesla

I have to write and play. If I became an electrician tomorrow, I'd still come home at night and write songs.
Bruce Springsteen

Any actor working a long time should know how a shot is set up, where to place themselves, how to handle the lines. I'm a member of the crew, like the best boy, the electrician. What I'm good at is making eyes at the camera.
Jodie Foster

My mother's a secretary; my father's an electrician in a mining company.
Eva Herzigova
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Electrician Translations

electrician in German is Elektriker
electrician in Italian is elettricismo
electrician in Norwegian is elektriker
electrician in Spanish is electricista
electrician in Swedish is elektriker

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