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Definition of Egotistical


  1. Addicted to, or manifesting, egotism.

Egotistical Quotations

I'm an artist and that means I can be as egotistical as I want to be.
Lou Reed

A lot of my best parts I've been the second choice for, so you never get too egotistical about anything.
Michael Caine

I think life on the road really suits very egotistical men. It's set up for kings.
Annie Lennox

When I would be myself, I was being big-headed. I was being egotistical. I was a megalomaniac, when it really was just having not to be a monkey for a few hours a day. And fulfilling the need to be a man.
Jerry Lewis

If you're the greatest, it's okay to say you're the greatest. My suggestion to everybody is to be their own greatest fan. Weaker personas and personalities define that as egotistical or arrogant, but what it means is their self-esteem isn't that strong.
Gene Simmons
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Egotistical Translations

egotistical in Swedish is egoistisk

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