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Definition of Egotistical


  1. Addicted to, or manifesting, egotism.

Egotistical Quotations

If you're the greatest, it's okay to say you're the greatest. My suggestion to everybody is to be their own greatest fan. Weaker personas and personalities define that as egotistical or arrogant, but what it means is their self-esteem isn't that strong.
Gene Simmons

Listen, if you don't talk big game, you never get anywhere. If you don't think big, you don't get big. Some people call it egotistical, some people call it high hopes, some people call it confidence. It's all in how you want to dissect it.
Vanilla Ice

I'm an artist and that means I can be as egotistical as I want to be.
Lou Reed

Any artist, when he goes in to record, should have the feeling that any song he records can be a hit. This may sound egotistical, but it makes sense.
Ray Charles

I'm a big old egotistical baby and that's okay. I can accept it.
Whoopi Goldberg
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Egotistical Translations

egotistical in Swedish is egoistisk
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