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Definition of Ease


  1. Satisfaction; pleasure; hence, accommodation; entertainment.
  2. Freedom from anything that pains or troubles; as: (a) Relief from labor or effort; rest; quiet; relaxation; as, ease of body.
  3. Freedom from care, solicitude, or anything that annoys or disquiets; tranquillity; peace; comfort; security; as, ease of mind.
  4. Freedom from constraint, formality, difficulty, embarrassment, etc.; facility; liberty; naturalness; -- said of manner, style, etc.; as, ease of style, of behavior, of address.
  5. To free from anything that pains, disquiets, or oppresses; to relieve from toil or care; to give rest, repose, or tranquility to; -- often with of; as, to ease of pain; ease the body or mind.
  6. To render less painful or oppressive; to mitigate; to alleviate.
  7. To release from pressure or restraint; to move gently; to lift slightly; to shift a little; as, to ease a bar or nut in machinery.
  8. To entertain; to furnish with accommodations.

Ease Quotations

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.
Helen Keller

Try to be like the turtle - at ease in your own shell. - Bill Copeland
Try to be like the turtle - at ease in your own shell.
Bill Copeland

This is no time for ease and comfort. It is time to dare and endure.
Winston Churchill

No matter how busy I get or how much pressure is on my shoulders, a good workout makes me feel at ease. I come off the treadmill feeling relaxed, full of joy and with a sense of perspective over the issues on my plate.
Robin S. Sharma

Love seeketh not itself to please, nor for itself hath any care, but for another gives its ease, and builds a Heaven in Hell's despair.
William Blake
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Ease Translations

ease in German is Bequemlichkeit
ease in Latin is otium, relaxo
ease in Norwegian is slakke, letthet, lette, velbehag
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