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Definition of Dynasty


  1. Sovereignty; lordship; dominion.
  2. A race or succession of kings, of the same line or family; the continued lordship of a race of rulers.

Dynasty Quotations

'Duck Dynasty' is a ridiculous show, and long may it wave. America and democracy will endure. They've seen a lot worse.
Henry Rollins

Dynasty was the opportunity to take charge of my career rather than waiting around like a library book waiting to be loaned out.
Joan Collins

The clothes were a huge part of what made 'Dynasty' fun.
Joan Collins

I don't like the term 'dynasty.'
Stewart Udall

I was so fortunate to work closely with the designer Nolan Miller whilst on 'Dynasty' to create the wardrobe for Alexis Carrington Colby, and we had great fun sourcing outfits.
Joan Collins
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Dynasty Translations

dynasty in German is Dynastie

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