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Definition of Dyed


  1. of Dye

Dyed Quotations

The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.
Marcus Aurelius

Not many people know this about me, but I'm a natural blonde. My hair went from light blonde naturally to a darker kind of blonde. My mother dyed my hair dark when I was a child, as I loved the look then. So I'm basically a natural blonde.
Angelina Jolie

I dyed my hair about 42 different colours, and kids can be pretty judgmental about people who are different. But instead of breaking down and conforming, I stood firm. That is also probably why I was unhappy.
Christina Hendricks

I once had a friend who did the hair for sci-fi movies, and after a particularly bad break-up I stupidly went to her salon and told her she could do anything she liked. She dyed the bottom cherry red and the top peroxide blonde.
Sally Phillips

I really fought to make my character not a stereotype. I play a soap star with dyed blonde hair.
Sadie Frost
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Dyed Translations

dyed in Latin is madidus
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